Ways to relax your mind after a sh*t day

So you had a really long day. You missed your alarm, got to work and realised in your hurry to get there you forgot your lunch, and on your way home the public transport is packed and you can’t sit down even though you are completely exhausted, and you have music in your ears and don’t hear a person try to get past you to leave the bus and then throws you a look and says something mean. This last thing actually happened to me and I know that a simple thing like that can what tips you over the edge and makes you cry.
After a day like that, you just want to curl up and do nothing. Sometimes you just need something to relax your mind and body to get over the stress of the day. Here are a few of my favorite ways to relax after a sh*t day.


.Take a bath. Seems like a pretty obvious one, but I recommend going all the way, the hot bath filled up to the edge, complete with your favorite LUSH bath bomb or, one of my personal favorites, the Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Bath Tea. Light a scented candle, turn all the lights off and close your eyes. The wonderful smells and hot water will completely relax your mind and body and make all the anxiety of the day go away.

. Listen to an audiobook. This is one of my favorite ways to relax. I love reading but if my mind is completely stressed out I can’t concentrate on reading a physical book. Putting on an audiobook allows you to relax your mind and just lets the story sink in without any effort. I would recommend a gentle read, like some Jane Austen, or the Harry Potter series narrated by Stephen Fry.

. Watch a guilty pleasure or an old favorite. Curling up in your cozy clothes an popping on a favorite series is the best way to let your mind drift off.  Something that is your go-to, all fun and comfort. In my case, the Harry Potter movies, Friends, or Rupaul’s Drag Race are my favorite relaxing watches.

. A foot bath. I discovered the Body Shop Peppermint Reviving Foot Soak recently and I am obsessed with it for my relaxing evenings. It smells lush, and giving your feet some love is honestly an amazing way to relax. My mum also loves this one, and we enjoy spending the evening together with a foot soak, complete with scented candles and magazines.

. Knitting. I am not a very experienced knitter, in fact I am still currently on my first project. I am more of a sewer myself but, let me tell you, sewing is so stressful. Knitting on the other hand, when doing something simple, is very relaxing. You don’t really have to think about it, once you have got the hang of it, it is straightforward. It is repetitive so you can just relax while doing it. Often when I am stressed out or tired and I can’t read or sew, I pick up my knitting and slowly but surely make progress on my Ravenclaw scarf.

. Listen to music. Really listen. This doesn’t mean put some music on while you do something else. This means put an album on, close your eyes and REALLY listen. Let the music really sink in and let the artist take you somewhere else. Let the sounds vibrate all around you and relax your mind.

. Have a herbal tea. God, I love tea. And after a long day, there is nothing I want more than to have a cup of herbal tea. Something fruity, or spicy always helps me relax. I am obsessed with the brand Kusmi Tea, honestly I have so many of their teas, mostly because they sell kits with like five different teas so I get to try them all out. I still have most of them, and if I happen to run out, I just buy a full size! I personally really enjoy their fruity ones, whereas my mum loves their spicy ones, and they also have a whole range of detox ones which are great.

So obviously a lot of these can be combined. You can have a bath while listening to an audiobook (I do this quite a lot), or have a foot bath while knitting, or watching friends, you get the idea. And you can pair the herbal tea with any of the others!
To relax I also recommend comfort food and comfy clothes, I always get straight into my pyjamas and take my makeup off after a long day. And as Remus Lupin wisely said, “Eat, you’ll feel better.”.



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