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Reasons why you should dye your hair at home rather than in a salon.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that I love to dye my hair.  I have been dying my hair for almost 10 years now, so I’ve had a lot of different experiences from frying my hair to it coming out a disgusting colour.  I am in no way a pro nor do I know that much about hair dying, but I am going to speak from experience. And from experience, I recommend dying your hair at home and here are my reasons.



I would like to specify that I am mostly going to talk about semi-permanent bright colours because that’s what I have the most experience with. If you are going a natural colour with permanent dye, it might be worth doing it at the hairdresser.


. Obviously, it’s cheaper. Even if you end up using three pots of dye because you have loads of hair, it’s going to cost a hell of a lot less than going to the hairdresser. This is probably my main reason that I dye my hair at home, because I just don’t think it’s worth putting in over £100 for a hair colour which will fade after a few weeks. One pot of directions hair dye is around £5, and that one pot always lasts me more than one application because most of the time i dilute it with conditioner.

. If it’s going to take a long time, you are in the comfort of your own home. If you need so do more than one stage, so say you have to bleach it first (I recommend buying developer and powder bleach, not a box bleach. It will end up way cheaper, it is less damage and you can regulate the amount of lightening), or do a couple of bleach baths, it might take a long time. But it’s cool, you pop it on, you throw on some episodes of Friends with pizza or read a good book, or even just get on with some work while it processes. I have experienced (see my post on dying your hair grey) a 8 hour in salon session. And it was torture. It took a lot of stages and it was sooooo long. I had magazines but it was not enough to make the time go past faster, or make me feel less tired at the end of it. I would rather have a relaxing time at home.

. You get to choose your colours. Because the hairdresser will bring out some samples of different shades. Even if you show a photo, they will just use the dye closest to it. So you have a limited amount of colours. Whereas when you are at home, you can go full on DIY and mix all your colours together. The possibilities are endless!

. If it’s shit, at least you haven’t emptied the bank. I’ve had a fair few hair mistakes. But because I do it at home, I’m like, whatever, wash it out (loads of baking soda and dandruff shampoo, or a bleach bath in more severe cases), start again, only spent like £10 anyway, and I have learn from my mistake. However there is nothing worse than spending an arm and a leg on a hair colour that you don’t really like… And if you want to change it at the hairdresser’s, you’ll have to pay all over again.

. Sometimes your own at-home experience is better than the hairdresser’s. Obviously for all the reasons above, being relaxed, getting the right shade, not spending money… But the quality can be better at home too. I say this from experience. Having had my hair done professionally, they have always been the times where I liked my hair colour the least, and it lasted less time. This will be because I KNOW what I want, I can see it in my head, whereas the hairdresser doesn’t know exactly what you want, they have to go off of your explanations and pictures. Also, because I’ve played with different brands and techniques, I know what works for me. Which takes me to my next reason.

. They use sponsored brands. The salon where you go will be sponsored by a certain brand, they often sell their products too. So for hair colours, they will only have the one brand. I once went to get my hair done, and this salon used Crazy Color, which is a brand that I had tried before and that I didn’t like (whether it’s because it’s shit or just didn’t work for me personally, I do not know). So I ended up with a kind of wash of colour that lasted a week. At home, I usually have bold colours that last a month. So if you do it at home, you can find a brand that works for you and stick to it.


Those are my reasons for dying your hair at home, based on my experience. Obviously it can be done well in a salon if you are prepared to pay the price, but that isn’t what my blog is about. Always looking fabulous on a budget.


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