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Is makeup a feminist issue?

“You look better without makeup”, “You should wear a bit of makeup”, “You wear too much makeup”, “Makeup is gross”, “You should take more care of yourself”, “Makeup is the reason men have trust issues”.




These are things that women hear daily. And it is a form of oppression. When are people going to stop telling women what to do and how to look? Women shouldn’t HAVE to wear makeup (for work etc) or be scolded for wearing too much. I see this even amongst women when someone will say “oh I don’t wear much makeup” as if it is something to brag about, or “you don’t need makeup”as a compliment. NEED? No one NEEDS makeup, no one is going to die because they haven’t got makeup on, it is not vital to our survival. It is like saying to someone “you don’t NEED jewellery”… *eye roll*


Makeup isn’t a mask that women hide behind, it isn’t hiding who we really are, or being fake. In fact it can reflect our personality. So I don’t understand people who say it’s lying, and about men having trust issues. How is it any different to a man having a beard, or wearing gel in their hair?
Makeup is a wonderful thing to play around with. It can give confidence, it can express your personality, it can be art.

And what is this weird idea that wearing makeup is to find a partner? Like if you don’t wear makeup you won’t find someone, or “who are you wearing all that makeup for?”, “who are you all dressed up for?”. ME. Do you really think I have 15 different foundations and 40 lipsticks to please somebody else but myself? I am more expecting my future partner to have to PUT UP with my makeup obsession.
I love my naked face, and I love my made up face. I have no shame going out without makeup, and it is my choice to wear it. It’s something I love playing around with.
And it is not OK to tell a girl off for wearing too much makeup, nor is it OK to tell her she should wear makeup.

On another point, makeup doesn’t have a gender, it is a form of expression meant for everyone. I know men who would like to play around with makeup but because of society dictating that makeup is a women’s thing (or gay… meaning feminine. so BAD. Ugh.).
There is still this stigma that feminine things are bad, “girly”is a bad word, and that goes against what feminism is trying to fight for. Equality. Not proving we can be men, but proving that what we do has as much value as what men do.

Why is it that a girl doing something typically male is seen as cool and badass and a guy doing something typically female seen as “gay”, “camp”, “not a real man”? Sexism affects everybody and feminism is for everybody. Because this view on women has an effect on men. Men aren’t allowed to show emotion, be sensitive, cry…
I always see posts going around like “Would you let your son wear makeup?” OH MY GOD just let him do what he wants, most kids want to play with everything and don’t care about gender stereotypes, it won’t “make them gay”. And if he does happen to be gay, then maybe he won’t feel terrified to come out and pretend to be somebody else the majority of his life just to make you feel comfortable and not let you down.


It’s all the same issue of women constantly being told who they should be. You are either a slut or a prude. Bossy or a push-over. Too much makeup or not enough.

Please just let women be whoever they want to be, wear whatever they want, wear as much or as little makeup as they want, sleep with as many or as little people as they want, show as much skin as they want, be as outspoken as they want, be as ambitious as they want. Let women decide if they want to get married and have children or not and don’t act like they don’t have a purpose because they choose not to. But also let a young girl decide that she is ready to be a mum instead of pressuring her into terminating an unexpected pregnancy. And, please, stop mocking young boys because they happen to have typically feminine qualities, because you think that is a bad thing. Because you think being like a woman is a bad thing. And that is not the message we should be giving to the next generation. And honestly, it is insulting. And I don’t want people to think that I have less value than other people because I am a woman and because I happen to like makeup.


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