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7 easy DIYs to spice up your wardrobe



I love customizing my clothes, taking an old piece that I don’t wear anymore and making it unique. I also buy a lot of my clothes second hand so this is a super affordable way to have a unique and fun wardrobe.
All of these are really easy and work really well, in fact a few are designed for kids to do but I think they are great for grown ups who want some funky clothing !
This blog post is just going to give you ideas on ways to spice up your wardrobe, but I am not going to go into detail about each technique, there are a million tutorials out there for each method that you can look up, but I find that sometimes you just don’t know what to look for! So here are some ideas!





1. Tie dye. 

A pretty well known customizing technique, it is very easy and requires only some elastics and dye or bleach. What is great about this method is that there are so many different patterns you can create with the dye so you can tie dye different pieces of clothing and they will each be unique. You can also tie dye pretty much anything and it makes a great statement piece in your wardrobe!






2. Heat Transfer. 

A technique I used to use when I was a 90s kid, but why should this be only for children? It is so simple, you just get your transfer paper, print out your design and iron it on to your t-shirt or any other piece of clothing. This is a super cheap way to get a band t-shirt or just a design you love. I mean who wouldn’t want a cute Disney t-shirt without spending any money? There are so many designs I pin on my Pinterest that I want to wear, so this technique is well loved.





3. Fabric Crayons.

This is also a technique meant for kids but I recently found this technique and I think it’s great and I was shocked I had never heard of it before! Similarly to the heat transfer, you iron on your design after drawing it on with the crayons. If you are artsy you can come up with an amazing design to draw onto your garment, but even if you aren’t great at drawing, you can just add some cute flowers or another simple design. It’s a great way to reflect your personality in your wardrobe.






4. Trim.

This technique requires a little bit of sewing (although you might be able to achieve it with fabric glue), but it’s very simple. It’s a great way to spice up any garment. You can find trim in any sewing shop, or you can just use a strip of fabric if you want. You can find all sorts of trim, from sequins to pompoms. I once bought a pair of shorts second hand that I cut of and added frilly pink gingham, and it completely transformed them! You can add trim around the hem, neckline, sleeves, even around pockets. You can get seriously creative with trim and it’s so simple!





5. Patches.

Like tie dying, this is a pretty popular technique, and it’s straightforward. You can buy patches in sewing shops but also in most supermarkets. You can get iron on ones if you don’t want to sew them on, although I find they stay on better if you sew them on, and they only need a bit of sewing to keep them on. You also have more liberty in the fabric you are adding your patch to as you are not using heat. It’s a great way to jazz up any jacket or jeans!





6. Appliqué.

This is similar to the patches technique, but instead of using ready made patches, you are going to cut out a shape from your fabric and sew it around the edges onto your piece of clothing. It’s a simple technique that isn’t popular enough in my opinion because it’s a great way to get a motif on your t-shirt and you’re spending like, no money. I am also including sewing “patches” in appliqué. In patches I mean squares of fabric, like what you would do on a pair of jeans, over the top, or under a rip, making a boring pair of jeans look really funky!





7. Embroidery.

OK embroidery can sound really scary because doing an intricate design can be difficult. But doing a simple design on the collar of your shirt, or on the pocket of your t-shirt is really simple. It probably won’t be perfect, but who wants to be perfect? I had never done embroidery in my life and I just sewed “Pink Ladies” onto the back of my jacket and I love it! You just have to draw your design on the garment first and then follow the lines. Easy!





These are my 7 cheap and easy ways to spice up your wardrobe! I hope you enjoyed it and don’t hesitate to ask for any details on a particular technique !





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    1. Thanks for the comment! There is a picture of my jacket on my instagram which is linked on my blog if you want to check it out 🙂 you will have to scroll down quite a bit, to august 2017 (look for pink hair !). I hope you enjoy !

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