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The 5 reasons I stopped drinking

So recently I quit drinking, and it seems to be a quite controversial thing to do. Because I don’t have a drinking problem, far from it, I just don’t really want to drink alcohol. Here are the 5 reasons I quit drinking.



1. I just didn’t like alcohol that much. So I admit I did enjoy most cocktails, and even ended up liking beer after forcing it down for years. But most of the time, while I was sipping wine at parties, I found myself thinking how I would just rather be having apple juice.

2.I hated how I felt the next day. This is particular to me, because I wasn’t great at drinking alcohol. I got drunk very quickly. But even after one or two beers, I would feel like shit the next day. Like headache, aching body, dehydration. Maybe my body just isn’t built for drinking alcohol… And when I would have more than just a couple of beers, I would start to loose control of my actions, and I would be at a party and I would feel myself slipping into my drunken state, and I hated it, because I couldn’t make the most of the party. Sure it makes things easier when you want to hit on someone, you are considerably less shy, but is it worth it if you start blurting out crap?

3. My skin. So anybody who knows me will know that I love makeup and beauty, it is a huge part of my life. And, well, quitting alcohol is super beneficial for the skin, because alcohol is dehydrating. I already have dry skin, so knowing that my skin would benefit from quitting, it pushed me towards making this decision.

4. My voice. Well this is just me. You may or may not know that I am a singer. Singing is a huge part of my life. My voice is one of the things I am the most proud of, because I worked hard to get to this point, and I still have a lot of work to do to get to the level I would like to be at. Anyway, it is well known that alcohol isn’t good for the vocal chords. Again, alcohol is dehydrating, and your vocal chords NEED TO STAY HYDRATED. Well they do if you want to be any good at singing. Notice how a lot of rock stars get really rusty, hoarse voices as they get older? Yeah this is why (well, one of the reasons). One of my opera singing teachers actually advised us to avoid alcohol as much as possible if you want your voice to last.

5. Society Pressure. This is the main reason that I quit drinking. I didn’t mind a glass from time to time, I actually enjoyed it, but I felt society pressuring me to drink every time I went out or had people over. It’s like it’s the norm to drink, especially for young people, when it isn’t for smoking, or any other soft drug. People would just say “come on, have a drink”, and you would be considered weird or a “spoil-sport” if you refused. I just ended up finding it easier to just quit altogether. I found that quitting meant that people wouldn’t question me. I would just say “I don’t drink” and they accepted that. More times than not, I didn’t feel like drinking, And I would be pressured into it and then feel embarrassed because it tends to get to my head faster than it does to most people. I don’t think drinking should be the norm. If you want to drink that is fine, but you don’t have to.


Obviously, if you don’t care about your voice or skin, you really like the taste of alcohol and your body doesn’t react too badly to it, then drink as much as you want. This is just my decision based on my personal experience.

So how is working out for me? Actually really well. I always feel clear headed, I am rid of the horrible headaches I used to get, and I get to drink what I want at parties. The best part? I found out about Mocktails. The only thing I thought I would miss from quitting drinking was the taste of certain cocktails. Particularly Mojitos. But I discovered Mocktails, alcohol-free cocktails. I bought a recipe book with recipes for all your standard cocktails without the alcohol. Well LEMME TELL YA. I made a Mojito Mocktail. AND IT WAS AMAZING. So I get to go to parties, have a party drink, without feeling crap or ruining my voice. Can it get better than that?


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